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Welding Performance with MuCell

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ABSTRACT: Glass fibre filled PA 6 and PA 6.6 are two of the more common materials injection moulded with the MuCell microcellular foaming process.  As the technology continues to expand into under the hood applications, the need to understand vibration welding and ultrasonic welding becomes more critical.  This paper will compare welding performance for PA [...]

CO2 vs N2

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Background: The initial development work on microcellular foaming was done using a batch process.  In this process, a plastic part is placed in a high pressure chamber and the chamber is filled with a supercritical fluid (shown in the figure below).  The sample is typically left in the chamber sufficient time, normally in excess of 24 [...]

MuCell UL94 Flammability Rating

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UL94 Flammability Discussion Background – The issue of UL certification for foamed parts is an ongoing discussion point particularly for consumer electronics applications molded with the MuCell Process.  There are different aspects of UL certification and the effects of foaming by physical or chemical foaming agents on a materials UL status. For the perspective of this [...]

MuCell performance with Long Glass Fiber Material

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Evaluating the Effect of the MuCell Process on Components Made of Long Glass Fiber Polypropylene Materials Summary: The purpose of this study is to address the question about the relevant effect of the MuCell Process on the impact properties of a long glass fiber molded component such as a door module. The testing technique chosen [...]